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Marta’s Blog                                        

Marta’s Blog – February 2021

Hi all, and welcome to my latest blog.    

It’s a touch belated, as I’m sure you understand, given all that is going on at the present time. In fact, I wanted to wait until we had more of an update for you regarding Covid, especially at Three Corners, which was hit hard by the virus. So, I have a little more to write than normal.   

It just goes to show that you can’t be too cautious as far as health and safety is concerned. Only a few months ago we were praised for our strategies and protocols in keeping everyone safe from the virus. Despite doing everything conceivably possible to keep it out, an unknown case came through our doors from a local hospital which was the start of our mini outbreak at Three Corners. I say ‘unknown’ because the patient in question had been tested and produced a negative result. It was what they called a ‘false negative’ as the virus was probably in their system but wasn’t picked up by the test.   

So, it’s been ‘all hands on deck’ since, and in all the circumstances those staff and residents who were able to share in the festivities did a super job to keep spirits positive. Of course, Christmas and New Year were very different to normal, but I make no apologies once again for mentioning our amazing staff. The dedication they have shown is exemplary, and the way they interact with our residents, always doing what they can to keep a cheery disposition, in the most challenging of times, is fabulous.   

I’m glad to be able to confirm that we are finally out of the outbreak at Three Corners, which is such good news.  At one stage we had dropped to 26 beds out of a possible 41, prompting us to have to furlough around 12 of our valued staff. We are slowly building up again now which has lifted morale, and both staff and residents are doing all they can to try to get back to some semblance of routine and normality.    

During lockdown we managed to build outside ‘domes’ which helped us enable more visits. They were heated and it made it more comfortable for residents and visitors. This was most welcome as both homes had suffered from the effects of family not been able to visit, with residents being unable to come out of their rooms.   

I can also now confirm that all staff and residents have had their first lot of vaccinations. That’s reassuring for all and a major step forward.   

Throughout the challenges of recent months, we have always been keen to maintain the high level of nutrition which both homes are well known for. We believe that enjoyment of dining is a vital ingredient of everyone’s well-being, and particularly so for the elderly and the frail. To put it in simple terms, good food helps to makes people healthy, and happy, and to that extent we are proud to have care homes that make an extra special effort to ensure that each resident has their own preferences catered for, as well as any important dietary requirements.    

We continue to source fresh, locally grown organic ingredients wherever possible, including meats, fish, eggs, potatoes and other vegetables. With food in mind, we did manage a celebration of ‘Burns Night’ on 25th January, and of course we had to have some Haggis… helped down by wee dram of whiskey… well why not?   

On a similar theme we also celebrated World Food Day. At Hill House Julie put on a wonderful international display of food. Staff with roots from countries all over the world donated generously, including a tasty green Thai curry, followed by a slice of lovely Polish apple pie. I recall a number of international cheeses on display too, and some beers from around the globe. So, all in all, we have managed to carry on as best we can, and like I say, whatever happens we never compromise on the quality of food provided.   

By the way, if you want to see what it’s like in our care homes, just go to our facebook page. There are some great videos there which give you a virtual tour of each home and provide a fabulous insight. Meanwhile, work will continue in the siting room/ dining area at Three Corners so hopefully by around by March we should have a bright new living space for our residents to enjoy.    

That brings me on to my final thought for now. The recent past has been full of challenges but by the time I write to you again at the beginning of next month we all very much hope we will be looking forwards rather than backwards. The clocks go forward at the end of that month and we’ll take that as a sign of positive change. A little more sun, a little more light, and a little more warmth, and with our fabulous new decking areas a chance for residents and visitors alike to enjoy a more relaxed environment.   

So, I’ll end for now by keeping that ethos going. Let’s look forward together, to more positive times.