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Full personalised care is available at Three Corners, we are proud to offer:

A full complement of qualified care staff: These staff provide round the clock care to cope with all residents' needs. We encourage and support staff to take extra training, whether National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), manual handling, infection control, dementia care, food hygiene, Health & Safety or other specialised aspects of care.

Individual care plans: all residents are individually assessed both initially and ongoing during their stay in our care homes. This enables us to design a tailored care plan specific to that resident's needs and wherever possible with the support of their family. The plans address mobility, diet, nutrition and the physiology of the resident.

Nutrition: food is a highlight of most people's day and we ensure that high quality meals are provided based on fresh South Devon ingredients and that a balanced diet is provided to meet residents' needs. Read More

Dementia services: all of our homes are able to care for people who suffer dementia. Staff have been specially trained and special facilities are provided. Read More

Individual respect: we encourage all residents wherever possible to take part in decisions about what they do and when they do it. We respect and indeed encourage individual needs whether for religion, activities or diet.

Healthcare visitors: we have a full range of healthcare professionals who visit the home ranging from the GP of your choice and including dentists, opticians, chiropodists and a hairdresser.

Entertainment & Activities: We make a resident's stay as enjoyable as possible with a range of entertainment and by arranging outings for groups or individuals, organised by our dedicated activities coordinator. Staff and family are encouraged to participate wherever possible. We take photographs and keep a log of every outing and activity in the home to provide a lasting memory. Read More

Finance: We provide assistance with finance for funding your stay. We have extensive experience in the systems and procedures for funding residential care and will be happy to assist on a case by case basis and in total confidence.

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